We aim to help organisations regardless of any sizes improve their security processes, achieve compliance and protect your data


Functional & Test Management

  • End-to-end test management with high degree of quality assurance
  • Optimal resource utilisation with various industry best test tools
  • Rapid QA cycles with reusable test artefacts


Cyber Security - With evergrowing digital technologies and IT systems come cyber risk. We help our clients protect their systems, data, devices, information and most importantly their users from any other targeted attack, malware and any. targeted attack. In today’s environment, organisations face tremendous risk and challenges when it comes to protecting data and preventing fraud. Growing data protection needs and regulatory concerns require foolproof cyber security solutions.

With our security practitioners, we at Avows give our clients the required support and guidance to prevent and adapt to new threats. Our end-to-end range of cyber security solutions help cover all aspects of security right from your board-rooms to back offices.

Security Operations Center

Security Operations Center is a centralised unit that provides real time monitoring of the entire enterprise to deal with security. In these centres, the enterprise’s information and other sensitive areas like websites, databases, servers, networks etc are monitored, assessed and defended. SOC apart from allowing monitoring and fixing of threats allows triggering of actions based on threat along with notification and escalations